Distribution Automation Services

Offer distribution automation consulting services to utilities ,municipals , cooperatives and/or vendors associated with power distribution industry.

Survalent SCADA

Sam Analytic Solutions, and Survalent are strategic partners collaborating to enhance SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) services.


Modern utility companies require a monitoring infrastructure that surpasses mere collection of remote asset information.

Panel Assembly

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, electrical control panels serve as the vital nervous system for complex mechanical systems.

We are SAM Analytic Solutions

SAM Analytic Solutions, established in 2009 in Morrisville, NC and now headquartered in Durham, NC, USA, specializes in Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Automation (IA) products and services. Our clientele includes manufacturers, industrial organizations, and governmental entities across the nation and worldwide.

Our mission is to elevate efficiency and success through comprehensive OT/IA software and hardware solutions. SAM Analytic Solutions is recognized for its expertise in managing the interface between operational and information technologies. We prioritize integrity, transparency, commitment, and efficiency in all aspects of our operations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services that guarantee customer satisfaction and organizational achievement.

At SAM Analytic Solutions, our dedicated team is driven by a passion for enhancing technology usability and security, relentlessly pursuing our vision. We actively seek collaborative opportunities to empower our clients’ success.

Samudra Vijay - Chief Executive | SAM Analytic Solutions
Samudra Vijay

Chief Executive

Smart Surveillance & Asset Monitoring Solution - SAM Analytic Solutions

Certifications and Achievements

Our certifications and achievements demonstrate our commitment to excellence and industry-leading standards.

ISO Certified - SAM Analytic Solutions

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