Engineering Simulation & Product Design

Engineering Simulation and New Product Design

With the push to Made-in-America (, there is an ever-increasing demand for engineering teams to creatively design new products and ensure that they would work first-time-right reducing need for prototyping iterations.

Figure 1-Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation for Automotive Radiator 

Sam Analytic Solutions has the required engineering expertise and experience in core engineering domains to enable its customers to develop optimized product designs. We develop new designs from scratch, perform engineering simulation for product performance and then we can assist the customers in setting up test and measurement systems for a fast-tracked prototype testing and production readiness.

Companies are relying on a mechatronics design approach which means they must design new products, including complex machines, using an integrated Multiphysics simulation-based approach. To do so modern simulation software tools become key enablers of the ‘Concept to Market’ product development lifecycle.  

Figure 2-Exotic Mode Shape of Cylinder

Figure 3-High Speed Spindle Mounting Vibration Mode Shape

At Sam Analytic Solutions we work on your product design requirements at various stages of development. We can take up the challenge of conceiving a new design alternative for you from scratch. Or we can chip in at an intermediate stage where you want us to evaluate a design idea by using advanced Multiphysics simulation tools using technologies such as Finite Element Analysis.

Our experience in simulation-based design for low noise and vibration, weight reduction, shape optimization for strength, design for desired temperature control, durability, CFD simulation for optimum flow characteristics, electromagnetic simulation for desired field characteristics and reduction of losses, etc. can bring in great benefits to the engineering product manufacturers at a very early stage in product lifecycle.

Reach out to us for your engineering product design and engineering simulation requirements.