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SITOP – The heart of automation

Thanks to their high reliability, SITOP power supply units are globally recognized for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions. Our full range of switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages. Our unique spectrum of DC UPS and add-on modules extends our power supply range to protect the 24 V supply against mains problems and problems on the DC side. SITOP is also top-notch when it comes to efficiency, thanks to an efficiency rating of up to 96%, for example, tools to make product selection and ordering quick and easy, and comprehensive support for your design processes. And in terms of integration, complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation and the TIA Portal via PROFINET gives you unique opportunities for engineering and diagnostics.

SITOP Power Supplies highlights

An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for operating any plant, no matter the industry or need. Critical production processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the necessary quality is available for the automation system. SITOP has proven its value in the manufacturing environment over many years and is always setting new standards in terms of integration, efficiency, and reliability.

Three good reasons for SITOP


The power supply system with complete TIA integration and open communication up to the cloud


SITOP PSU8600 and UPS1600 being completely integrated into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the TIA Portal makes engineering easier and faster and allows optimized monitoring and end-to-end diagnostics. The SITOP library also makes it possible to incorporate 24 V supply concepts directly into SIMATIC PCS 7.


As they have flexible, wide-range input, outstanding load characteristics, and all the relevant certifications, SITOP power supplies guarantee the availability of plants, preventing outages with uninterruptible DC power supplies and preventing overloads and short-circuits in the control circuit using add-on modules. A redundant power supply can also be set up.

Advanced Power Supplies


The power supply system with complete TIA integration and open communication up to the cloud


The technology power supply for demanding solutions

Standard Power Supplies


The all-round power supply for a wide range of applications

SITOP smart

the powerful standard power supply

Basic Power Supplies

SITOP lite

the cost-effective basic power supply

LOGO! Power

the flat power supply for distribution boards

SITOP compact

the slim power supply for control boxes

Other Power Supplies


the optimal power supply for SITMATIC S7 and more

DC/DC converters

stable power supply despite fluctuating DC voltage

Special designs and applications

equipped for special functions and conditions


uninterruptible power supplies

Add-on modules

for increasing system availability to all-round protection