Privacy Policy

Sam Analytic Solutions Privacy Policy


The privacy of customers and individuals is important to Sam Analytic Solutions. This policy document explains the contexts in which Sam Analytic processes personal data, how it is processed and for what purposes.

Note: Personal data for the purposes of this document includes but is not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, first name, last name, organization working with, designation and information typically found on a business card, social media profile information and resumes of applicants to job postings.
Privacy Policy for Service Projects
Sam Analytic Solutions provides managed IT services to organizations and individuals and these engagements are called service projects. Service projects cover a wide variety of service offerings including consulting services, IT infrastructure setup and administration (Cloud and on-premises), application deployment and management, backup solutions among others.
Personal data collected, created, processed, or stored during the execution of service projects are used for the sole purpose of providing high quality services to the customers as per service contracts. Helpdesk personnel and technicians do not share personal data which includes email, first name, last name, place of work, phone number and application preferences with other departments of third parties.
Privacy Policy for Applications Developed or Maintained
Sam Analytic Solutions develops custom software and maintains software for its customers. Personal data, if any collected, created, processed, or stored by these applications adhere to contractual obligations and legal requirements based on the usage context. Examples include adherence to HIPAA in the United States if application handles PHI.
Personal Data Used for Business Development Activities
Personal data collected, created, stored, or processed as part of business development activities is limited to information typically available on business cards, social media profiles and preferences with respective to products and services offered by Sam Analytic Solutions. Sam Analytic Solutions does not share personal data with third parties for commercial gain.


Last updated on: 2022-11-15