Smart Surveillance & Asset Monitoring Solution :

Modern utility companies require a monitoring infrastructure that surpasses mere collection of remote asset information. This infrastructure necessitates unparalleled reliability and sophisticated analytical capabilities to detect operational irregularities preemptively, thus averting potential failures and service interruptions. Moreover, it should seamlessly integrate with other systems to gather and consolidate data, presenting users with actionable insights. Such insights empower users to make well-informed maintenance choices, ultimately leading to significant savings in both time and expenditure.

    • SSAM 3 Zone setup (high side + transformer + low side)
  • SSAM reports Substation and zone alarm to SCADA
  • Advanced handheld camera for detailed analysis.


Cyber secure solution having no network connectivity to utility’s SCADA network

24/7 Asset monitoring

Thermal / optical camera solution under $15k*

*for single transformer substation only. The price is subject to change depending on the field area to be covered and other parameters.