Survalent SCADA

Sam Analytic Solutions, and Survalent are strategic partners collaborating to enhance SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) services. Through this partnership, Survalent leverages Sam Analytic Solutions’ expertise to augment their SCADA offerings. Sam Analytic Solutions brings cutting-edge analytical tools and solutions to the table, empowering Survalent to deliver comprehensive SCADA services tailored to meet the evolving needs of their clients. This synergy enables Survalent to provide enhanced functionalities, improved system performance, and customized solutions, ultimately delivering greater value to their customers in the realm of SCADA systems.

About Company

The Most Trusted Provider of ADMS Solutions

In its 60+ year history, Survalent has provided dedicated service to industries requiring advanced distribution management systems (ADMS).  Over 600 utilities in 30 countries use the SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS & DMS platform, and StationCentral, its substation automation solution, to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, and restore their operations.   

Many of Survalent’s customers have expanded beyond their initial SurvalentONE SCADA investment to include its outage management system (OMS) and distribution management system (DMS), resulting in over 800 successful implementations. And since 1983 – when Survalent first began tracking this information – its customer retention rate has been 98.6%. 

By supporting critical network operations with a fully integrated solution, Survalent’s customers have significantly improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and network reliability.  To learn more, visit

The Survalent ONE ADMS platform is a fully integrated SCADA, OMS, ard DMS solution that allows you to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize critical network operations. By integrating data from across your network, the solution delivers real-time operational intelligence and control which empowers users to proactively respond and take

corrective action when necessary.
It provides a common user interface for all roles for ease of operations, a shared as-operated network model and real-time database for increased performance, and a single hardware platform to simplify IT & OT
maintenance and security. Easy to deploy, manage, scale and use, the SurvalentONE platform provides a low total cost of ownership.
Utilities from around the globe have benefited from greater operational efficiencies, enhanced customer satisfaction through reduced outages, and improved network reliability.Survalent

Operating an electric, gas, water, or transit utility requires a high degree of analysis, planning, oversight, and coordination that is difficult to achieve without the support of a modern, centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.
SurvalentONE SCADA provides a real-time overview of an entire utility
network, as well as detailed insight into the current and historical state of individual field devices As our network grows and evolves, SurvalentONE SCADA can grow with it providing a solid foundation for Survalent’s extensive suite of ADMS applications.
Featuring the advanced, intuitive SmartvU GUI, SurvalentONE SCADA is
interoperable with devices from all manufacturers, supports a large suite of industry standard protocols, and supports up to quad redundancy which virtually eliminates downtime risk.

StationCentral Product Overview

StationCentral, is an advanced SCADA solution that is comprehensive and adaptable.  It includes Survalent’s powerful data acquisition engine, secure gateway, and a graphical user interface (GUI), enabling digital capabilities for substations across a broad range of industries.  StationCentral significantly improves the operation and monitoring of substation devices while enhancing situational awareness in the field as well as in the control room. 

The application, fully scalable from single to quad redundancy can be configured in a distributed architecture over multiple substations and offers seamless interoperability between the substation and the control room.  It supports a wide range of open and legacy protocols which run in native mode, so there is no need for an external protocol converter, internal converter, or front-end processor. 

With two GUI options available, you have the flexibility to choose the display interface that best meets your substation automation needs – StationCentral VU or SmartVU. 

StationCentral offers a wide range of features and optional applications to help you address all your substation automation requirements: 

StationCentral offers a wide range of features and optional applications to

Graphical User Interface Options

StationCentral VU features multi-server support that gives users a complete overview of processes and systems being monitored in a single view that is easy to read and navigate.  Display access is based on established user rights, allow a view only screen, supervisor screen or full editing mode.
SmartVU offers enhanced graphics visualization and editing capabilities to manage complex substation assets. It features an intuitive, Windows-based GUI that makes it easy to view, manage, edit, and share all aspects of substation information. The interactive, well-organized & customizable interface provides an in-depth view of all substation assets which greatly enhances the productivity of operators making it possible for them to monitor and maintain precise, local control.